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Tips for time management

Even though you’re older now and you may have fewer demands on your time, you’ve probably still got a lot going on – perhaps more than you realize! By getting yourself a home care companion, you’ve taken an important first step towards freeing up some of your time because you’ll have someone helping with daily chores, meal preparation, errands, grooming, and other tasks. So now that you’ve freed up some time, what are you going to do with it?

You could sit back and react to all of life’s circumstances, but without some sense of routine, you could end up increasing the amount of stress you’re placing on your body. Stress is unhealthy and it’s definitely something to avoid. That’s why you may need to take steps towards managing your time.

Besides keeping stress under control, there are other benefits of time management. For one, managing your time is a way to ensure you’re doing the activities that mean the most to you. It’ll keep you from over-scheduling your time, too. (Yes, this can happen!) Managing your time helps you maintain balance in your life and will probably end up saving you time, too.

If all of that sound good, here are some tips that can help you manage your time.

Make a list of your activities.
You want to put everything on this list, including exercise and rest. If you can’t think of everything all at once, spend a few days putting this list together, jotting each activity down as you prepare for it. Also make note of whether the activity is a regularly scheduled one or whether it occurs only occasionally.

Prioritize the list.
Look at the items on your list and determine which are the most important. If you’re unsure which items are important and which aren’t, move on to the next tip.

Understand your personal goals.
Knowing what you want to accomplish during this stage of your life is just as important as it’s always been. Goals keep you focused and on track and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Put your schedule in writing.
Putting your schedule in writing is the easiest way to ensure you’re doing those activities you enjoy and that will help you meet your goals. You can use a planner, a wall calendar or even an online calendar. The point is to write down what you’re doing and when. As each new opportunity presents itself, glance at your calendar to see if there’s time to include it. If necessary, take time to think how the activity fits into your personal goals. If you don’t have time for it and it doesn’t advance or enrich your goals, consider passing!

Be flexible
The days of living by a rigid schedule are over! Never be afraid to change plans when the mood strikes.

Creative ways to spend your free time

Pricing items for local rummage sales
Preparing and serving meals at homeless shelters
Washing dogs awaiting adoption
Volunteering to read at kindergarten classes
Making baked goods for fundraisers
Stuffing envelopes
Going back to school
Giving online dating a try!

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