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Comfort Keepers of Springfield, PA names Deidre Whitton Caregiver of Year 2008

Deidre Whitton (center) with Sallie and Clark Bongaardt, Owners, Comfort Keepers serving Delaware County and Mainline.


Comfort Keepers is proud to announce Deidre Whitton of Springfield, PA was named Comfort Keeper of the Year for 2008. A prestigious award bestowed on a caregiver who has demonstrated and fulfilled the Comfort Keepers’ mission statement throughout the year to treat clients as if they are taking care of a member of their own family. Deirdre is a shining representation of all dedicated caregivers. She maintains the highest standards in care, she is a team player willing to pick up different assignments, she readily fills in for last minute call outs and works closely with other Comfort Keepers sharing clients and assignments. She is always on time, a hard worker who genuinely enjoys her clients and her clients love her back.
In her four plus years working as a Comfort Keeper, Deirdre has faced some tough clients. With a low-key demeanor, not only has she handled each challenging situation with competence, she is also able to find the special interest, hobby or activity her clients like to do. Her skill of providing interactive caregiving is unmatched and her creativity allows the client to participate at their individual level of functioning. Comfort Keepers has received multiple, unsolicited letters with glowing accolades from clients and their families who have been touched by Deirdre. Phrases such “{Deirdre} connected immediately with my Mom and they were able to establish the trust that was needed in order to complete the daily routine”, and “Deirdre is not only capable in her duties but she is a caring and compassionate companion to my mother”, and “We were truly blessed to have had Deirdre assigned to our case…we will always be grateful for her help and good care”, are a few of the common expressions of gratitude that we have received. An accomplished interactive caregiver engaging her clients in games, conversations, activities and exercise, Deirdre’s client files are documented with notations of the positive effects of Deirdre’s caregiving on clients having been recorded from ongoing visits by our registered nurse and our ambassadors performing home visits. Clients who were depressed have reported lifted spirits looking forward to Deirdre’s visits. Clients who were struggling to maintain quality in their lives have reported a renewed feeling of hope; and clients who were lonely reported finding a new friend. For Deirdre, being a Comfort Keeper is truly a vocation – a way to give back and make a difference. All of us at Comfort Keepers are grateful to Deirdre Whitton on our team and congratulate her on her award. To see more of our award winning caregivers, click here:

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