Royal Wedding: William and Kate bring back memories of local Grace Kelly

The royal wedding happened on Friday and several reporters made reference to Kate’s dress looking very much like Grace Kelly’s dress. I tend to think that many of us regardless of our age, beam with pride because we know Grace Kelly was originally from Philadelphia and no matter how we feel about royalty, monarchy or what we perceive as an expensive wedding in the midst of economic trying times, we beam with pride with the mention of her name, she is one of us. A local girl who became a princess. Now I really didn’t pay too much attention to the royal wedding frankly because I don’t care and I get the impression that William and Kate really didn’t care much for it either. William seems to be his mother’s son, more interested in being a regular old 30 something who wants to marry, start a family, have regular job or at least work even if it is charity work. What I did notice however was there was no articles or anything written about Grace Kelly locally. I would think that after waiting 30 years for a wedding and it being touted as once in this lifetime wedding probably for many of us, the reporters locally did not find any senior citizens locally who knew Grace Kelly or the Kelly family. With all the news stations today and each one of them trying to find one little different story to talk about than the other to get better ratings, I would have thought one local station might have done a short piece on a senior who knew the Kelly family. Now you might say is there anyone out there who knew the Kelly family? and I would say Yes, there has to be. The Kellys have had to have some outside interests. I am sure Grace went to school here so are there any classmates left? Maybe her siblings were involved in local community group or some sports? They have had to have teammates. Someone somewhere here in the Philadelphia area must have known them. May is Older Americans Month and I am sure if I looked hard enough or asked around especially at the Centenarian Luncheon that honors those who are 100 and over, I could find a senior who knew Grace Kelly. Maybe the media could do the same. If you know someone or you knew the Kelly family, why not comment on this blog. Tell us your memories of the Kelly family or Grace herself, what was she like?

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