Mother’s Day: Remembering care givers of in-home seniors

Throughout the Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware County PA area today,  caregivers of in-home seniors will probably be forgotten on this Mother’s Day. I hope through this blog to remind everyone that there are many women and men out there who are taking care of an aging loved one everyday and deserve to have a break today. Help to celebrate Mother’s Day 2011 by giving someone you know a break for a couple of hours.

Mother’s and Father’s Day is usually set aside on the calendar to honor the people who have taken care of us as children, nurtured and protected us and guided us through life. The day is meant as  a Thank You to the person and is usually celebrated by giving flowers, a present or taking someone out to dinner.

I propose that we take the day one step further and we seek out a person who is providing care to his or her spouse, mother or father on a daily basis and might need a break. Caregivers act like mothers on a daily basis. They protect and guide their ill loved ones through the day and they nurture and often feed and bath adults who are struggling with a physical illness or a memory impairment.

What could we give a caregiver on Mother’s Day? We could give them the gift of time. Staying with a neighbor for an hour or two while the wife visits with her family, making a meal and delivering it so the wife doesn’t have to cook or maybe taking the person out – if the ill person is able to go out for a couple of hours often can give the primary caregiver a break well needed.

Last but not least, you can always buy a couple of hours of care for a loved one to be used next week or week after through a licensed, employed, background checked, bonded and insured company like Comfort Keepers. Buying companionship for 4 and a half hours is about $100. What a great gift to give to someone who never gets a break and is need  a professional company to go in the home and stay with a loved one. Or maybe the gift of a PERS, the Personal Emergency Response System might be better. The emergency alert or medical alarm is a live responder who answers the loved one when he or she pushes a pendant worn on the body. The live responder then calls the primary caregiver or an ambulance for help. Give this gift to someone for 3 months for less than $100.

For more information on services, click HERE. To purchase one of the above for a loved one, contact us directly by emailing me at melodymchugh@comfortkeepers.com.

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