Delaware County Chamber Commerce: A 125 Year Old Senior

If you have not heard the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce is 125 years old this year! The chamber started sometime in the year 1886, wow can you believe it? It is overwhelming to think of all the people, the businesses, the board of director members that served over all those years.

If you go to the chamber today, it is of course very technologically advanced. I shudder to think what someone who was around in 1886 or even 1890 when the chamber would have been a couple years old would think if he or she walked into the chamber today. My guess is in 1886, the members attended meetings that were discussions about industry and the local plants in the area that were probably producing some product made by hand. Some of the attendees probably went to one of the churches in the area because back then there was not a church on every corner.

125 years old! Can you believe it? What are your memories of the Delaware County Chamber? Please share them with me or the chamber staff. In November the chamber is going to celebrate with a Gala at Drexelbrook. If you are interested in attending the gala or sponsorship of it, Click HERE or go to: http://www.delcochamber.org/details.asp?idOfEvent=884


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