The character Erica Kane has lasted longer than most real life child actor’s careers

When you think about it, the character Erica Kane has been on television longer than most child actors’ real life careers. Susan Lucci started playing Erica when she and the character were about 17 years old. We have seen her go from a teenager to a twenty something to adulthood and now she is a grandmother on the show and in real life.

Now granted soap operas have this way of speeding up time sometimes. For example most recently on the One Life to Live the Jack character was like 10 at the beginning of 2011 and around March he showed up as a 16 years old somehow aging 6-7 years over night. This was quite odd to watch as often the soap operas will at least have the child written out and then bring him or her back as a pre-teen or older. A similar thing happened with Michael the son of Sonny Coreleone on General Hospital. He was shot, went into coma as 13 year old and came out 17 ready to graduate high school.

I felt bad for the young actor, it must be hard to tell that actor sorry we are aging your character and in real life the child is like what? how do we do that? well sorry kid you are out of a job. It must be hard because soap operas are like families and they take so long to tell story lines and an actor could be on there for years.

But I digress back to Erica Kane. Her character Erica Kane goes through so much in her life including what 12 husbands? I have no idea if that is right, will probably have to catch the episode of Oprah where Lucci was on with all the actors. From 17 to being a grandmother, her character has grown up with many women who are also now grandmothers. the character Erica Kane may just be the longest running character in television history. Or maybe not, but does it matter?

Granted Erica Kane was no angel but somehow her character survived the soap opera world. She was never killed off or left for a foreign country and then brought back as different actress. Although the character went to jail a few times, the story lines were usually about redemption and the good that could come out of helping others. Erica Kane was a child at 17 although some would disagree and on onscreen and in real life Susan Lucci made it. Her career is longer than most real life child actors.

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