Snow ice and your elderly senior citizen do not make for a good time in philadelphia springfield king of prussia havertown collegeville pa

Do you have an aging loved one who insists on going outside during the snow and ice time of the year? If so, you are not alone. The physical body might be declining but our mind does not want to believe that we are not as steady on our feet or our response time is not as quick.

For this reason- denial and the desire to want to prove we can still do things, our aging loved ones go out and try to shovel snow or accomplish a task with ice on the ground. A task as simple as getting the mail from the mail box can be dangerous.

This is a good reason why he or she should  have a personal emergency response system, a medical alarm. First the pendant is waterproof so snow and ice or cold will not affect it. Second the button will usually work as far as the end of a regular averge size length of driveway where the mail box is. The button will make connection and when the live responder does not get a response he or she calls for an ambulance.

Some family members ask about setting off the button accidentally and the ambulance arriving. This is a possiblity but the button has to be push pretty good for it to connect. A button on the wrist could activate from a coat that is too tight or from hitting wrist on shovel or something but around the neck the button would have to be pressed up against something to activate. Usually the force of a coat cannot activate it alone.

Think about  your love one laying in the driveway or on the porch for several hours until a neighbor looks out or passes by. Wouldn’t it provide you with sense of relief knowing your loved one has a pendant? If you live  in the Philadelphia area or suburbs, contact your local Comfort Keepers for more information. To do this, click HERE. For mor information on the PERS machine, click HERE. There are many companies out there that provide the product but the one difference is Comfort Keepers staff does all the installations, service requests and terminations of equipment. There are no 1-800 numbers to call, no self installation and no long term contracts.

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