My aging loved one needs help: where can I find in-home help in King of Prussia, Montgomery County PA area

If you are looking for in-home help for senior citizen, make sure you that you contact a reputable agency that has employed caregivers who are bonded and insured. An agency such as Comfort Keepers, provides in-home services to anyone over the age of 18 who is sick, disabled or elderly. The caregiving staff is employed, bonded and insured. Why is this important?

Well from a practical standpoint, an employed caregiver has to report in to the company. The process is very much like a service person who arrives at  your home to clean your rugs, install your cable or fix your heater. The service person or caregiver is employed and the company is responsible for overseeing the customer service, the quality of service you are given, the dependablity of the worker and address any issues or concerns that might arise when the worker is in your home.

If you use an unemployed caregiver, you may have some practical problems. What if one day the private caregiver decides he or she does not want to go to work, who will you call to complain to? What if the person is in the home and falls and sprains an ankle, who is responsible for the emergency room bill? What if something is missing from the home or there is a personality clash with your loved one? How will ask the person to leave and never come back to work?

Sometimes people who are looking at care only want to focus on price. The price for a private caregiver is often only a couple dollars less an hour and the senior or family hiring the person thinks this is  a much better deal because we need alot of care. There is only one problem with that scenerio. The problem is families do not realize that once a caregiver is hired that is the start of a relationhsip with that person. A relationship that is much much different that that of a service person you may see once or twice a year to fix your car or clean the heater. It is a daily relationship that becomes somewhat intimate in the sense that the caregiver has access to everything in the home. The caregiver is in your cupboards, in your underwear drawer and providing care such as help to bathroom. Things don’t get more vulnerable or intimate than that in caregiving process. Once the relationship starts it becomes like another family member and often it becomes difficult to keep boundaries intact.

If the caregiver is employed and the company is doing its job the company gently reminds the family and the caregiver that there are boundaries and the company is managing the care with the family not the caregiver with the family.

To learn more about this process and others, go to Comfort Keepers website by clicking HERE.

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