Hoarding: Seniors who keep items and refuse to throw them out?

Hoarding is one of the hot topics today. Everyone is talking about Hoarding and the people who do it, hoarders. There is even a television show about it. Often that show depicts the worst case scenerios. One show featured a man who had so many rats in  his home and another show had elderly person with so many items and then a screaming match out in the yard when  an adult child tried to help sort and throw away.

If you have an aging loved one who you think is a hoarder and you want to talk to someone about it, I suggest you seek out a geriatric physician or psychiatrist in your area. These doctors are often few and far between and being that hoarding is a new issue we as a society are beginning to address, it is not always the easiest to diagnosis or treat.

If you live in Southeastern PA and are close to Delaware County, PA area, Crozer Keystone Health Services offers the G.E.M. Program which stands for Geriatric Evaluation and Management. The program is designed to assist seniors and their families with memory impairment diagnosis, mental health concerns, medication management and other issues. The program has several wonderful geriatric doctors, nurses and a social worker who will meet with the family to discuss concerns regarding your loved one. To read more about GEM or to contact them, click HERE. If you are interested in speaking with an organizer who can give you some tips on how to begin conversations about de-cluttering, click HERE.

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