Happy 90th Birthday to Judy Garland: We can only imagine

Yesterday on the Internet there was a brief article about it being Judy Garland’s 90th birthday. It doesn’t seem possible but then again about a month ago or so it was Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday.

Watching old reruns of their movies and television shows keeps them young in our minds and with their passing many of us remember them as these super talents that could never age. That is the power of television and movies. It allows us to remember people as the characters they played in movies, their talent and sometimes their children as in the case of Judy and Lucy. Both of them have super talented children. Liza Minelli and Lucy Arnez who has been on Broadway for many years have made their own way in the world and are recognized for their own achievements, good or bad.

It would be interesting to ask these adult children of celebrities if the world is an easier or tougher place to be a celebrity in today. In the days of their mother, Lucy dealt privately with  infidelity of a husband and was the  first woman on television to have a baby. Judy Garland dealt with some many personal issues off screen which most people really did not know about or know how difficult her life was especially in later years. Nowadays in this era of social media, talk shows, tabloid shows, a person like Liza Minelli cannot hide much. We all know about her marriages and the details, the alleged addictions, her medical issues and just everything under the sun. Lucy Arnez however has been able to keep a much lower profile probably because she is on Broadway an Broadway actors usually don’t have the national following unless they are in some television show or movie, like a Neil Patrick Harris.

My guess is the adult children would say today’s life is good and bad. A person like Rock Hudson who towards the end of his life admitted he was gay would not have to live a secret life. Judy with her alleged addictions would be sent off to rehab and forgiven much easier for her discretion and Lucy would have garnered much more sympathy for the infidelity. Interesting when you think about it. But the bad part is the celebrity has no privacy so it went from the public hearing nothing in their day to everything nowadays. What do you think? If Lucy and Judy were alive, wonder what they would think about life today.


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