Important Tip for Owners of Air Conditioning Attic Units – Springfield Broomall Media Ridley Park PA

Information taken from http://oliverhvac.wordpress.com/

We’ve talked a lot recently about the heat, taking care of yourself and your neighbors, and what to do when your cooling system breaks down. One topic we haven’t discussed is specifically for customers with attic units. At today’s safety and training meetings, we came up with a few key points:

1) On a day like today, the temperature in your attic can climb as high as 150 degrees. If you have an attic fan, make sure you use it! Any ventilation or circulation that you can get in the space will help.

2) Flooring and lighting are important safety features, and not just on hot days! A clearly defined path from the entrance to the equipment is the safest way for a tech to be able to carry in his tools, and protects both him and your property. A well-lit work area lets him complete the service call more safely and quickly.

3) When you call for service, you will most likely be offered an early morning or evening appointment when the temperatures are at less dangerous levels. Technicians working in your attic may need to take breaks in order to rehydrate and cool down from the extreme temperatures.

Our goal is, always, to provide you with excellent service and remedy problems with your equipment as quickly as possible. The safety guidelines for attic work are in place to help us help you on these very hot days. We truly appreciate all of our customers who are so understanding about scheduling in the cooler parts of the day and who take steps to check the ventilation and safety conditions in their attics.

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you need service, give us a call! 800-522-4884. To read more articles like this one, please click HERE.

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