Healthy Aging: Physical, Emotional and Mental aspects in-home senior care Media Springfield King of Prussia Wayne PA

Parts of this article taken from Comfort Keepers website.

Our bodies naturally undergo changes due to the normal aging process. We tend to view these changes in terms of physical abilities and general physical health but to achieve overall health we must look beyond just the physical to the mental and emotional aspects as well.

Physical changes may include loss of bone density, lowered heart rates, as well as thickening of the arteries and/or heart. Skin becomes dry, thinner and incurs wrinkles as it loses elasticity. Tooth enamel becomes weaker with age and may lead to decay. Gum disease is more common in older adults, as are changes in vision and hearing, lowered appetites and loss of muscle mass.
Mental health evolves with age and can lead to forgetfulness, memory loss and confusion in many seniors. Depending on individual circumstances, dementia can affect some, even though dementia is not considered a normal condition of aging.
Emotional health becomes endangered as seniors face the loss of a spouse and other loved ones. Isolation can become prevalent due to physical limitations or the lack of desire to socialize. Anxiety and depression can affect seniors who worry about money matters, have minimal contact with others, or for those who suffer serious medical conditions.
To read this article in full, please click HERE. For more information on aging, how to care for an elderly loved one in their home, contact your local Comfort Keepers by clicking HERE. If you live in Delaware County PA or a community in Montgomery, Chester or Philadelphia County, click HERE.


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