Senior Center Delaware County PA versus Adult Daycare what is difference?

The main difference between Adult Daycare and Senior Center is mobility and being able to take care of yourself. If you are a fairly well person, you can toilet yourself, take your own medications, feed yourself and engage in activity with little assistance you probably will do well at a senior center. Senior Centers are designed for folks who are fairly well and able to participate in activity. Adult Daycare Centers on the other hand have staff available to assist with personal care needs such as showering, toileting, eating and participating in activity. Adult Day Centers are individuals who need extra help, have a memory impairment or are in need of staff assistance. There is minimal staff at a Senior Center. Here is some information about Friendship Circle Senior Center in Darby, PA. Often families with use in-home care services such as Comfort Keepers along with adult daycare or senior center. For more information about this, click HERE.

If you have not been to Friendship Circle Senior Center, you don’t know what  you are missing! This senior center has so many activities and the staff is wonderful. It is truly a fun and welcoming environment regardless of your age but for seniors there are new friends that can be made, activities to participate in, meals that are served and overall just a great time to socialize.


On my recent trip there for their annual senior fair, I learned that some of the seniors are knitting squares to put together cloths to send to soldiers. These cloths are put under a soldier’s helmet. The cloths are made by the seniors at the center. All volunteers. What a wonderful activity for them to sit and get to know each other while helping out our soldiers.


If you have never been to a senior center but have thought about it and wondered is it for me? Why not check it out. Here is link to Friendship Circle. http://www.scs-delco.org/centers/friendship. Here is link to senior centers that Delaware County office of aging funds:http://www.scs-delco.org/centers

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