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If you won’t be able to make it home for the holidays this year, Comfort Keepers® can help fill the void by providing your senior loved one with companionship and assistance in completing the following seasonal tasks:

  1. Finding the Perfect Gift: Provide the Comfort Keeper® caregiver with a list of gifts your children or other relatives would enjoy so that they can accompany your senior loved one shopping. This eliminates the stress on your loved one because they will know the gifts they are giving will be met with a smile.
  2. Wrapping It Up: Gift wrapping is a detailed, time-consuming task for anyone, but for an elderly person with deteriorating motor skills, it can take even longer. Your loved one’s Comfort Keeper can not only purchase the proper supplies (paper, ribbon, tape, scissors), but assist with the tedious measuring, cutting and folding.
  3. Sending Some Cheer: For seniors with large extended families, addressing individual holiday cards can be somewhat overwhelming. With the help of a Comfort Keeper, your senior loved one will be able to label and send out their greetings in a fraction of the time.
  4. Decking the Halls: Whether it’s untangling lights or trimming the tree, an extra set of hands is always welcome in the decorating process.
  5. Preparing a Feast: The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house so making sure your senior is safe while in it should be a top priority. A Comfort Keeper can assist with a myriad of tasks including chopping, mixing, basting, and seasoning while making sure all food is cooked through and ready to eat.

The holidays are supposed to be a merry time and thankfully, Comfort Keepers can be there to ensure they stay that way, even if you can only do so from afar. To read more about how Comfort Keepers in Southeastern PA  can help, click HERE. For offices in other states, nationally and internationally please go to www.comfortkeepers.com or click HERE.

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