Need In-home senior care help for older loved one? Media King of Prussia Jenkintown Malvern PA

Visited Senior During the Holiday and You think he/she might need In-home help care?

That is why the holiday season has become an important time to take stock of a senior’s health and everyday living capabilities. Family gatherings with elderly family members from out of town, or even the more frequent family phone calls from long distance relatives, are a perfect time to ‘check up’ on seniors living on their own.

It is not uncommon for the adult children of seniors, especially the Baby Boomer generation, to have some concerns about how their parents are doing. In fact, according to the Family Caregiver’s Alliance, families provide 80 percent of the long-term care in this country. This holiday season while you are enjoying your visits or on the phone with your aging loved ones, make good use of your time by reviewing their living status.

Using Your Five Senses

Many holiday traditions tempt your five senses. These same senses can be put to use in evaluating the status of senior family members. Below is a checklist using each of your five senses to determine if your family members are in need of additional care or assistance:

Sight – Looking at the senior’s appearance can be a sign that they are being limited either physically or mentally from completing otherwise normal daily tasks. Watch for things like clothes with stains, poor personal hygiene and a disorganized or dirty house.

Sound – Listening to what and how seniors speak can tell you a lot about their current mental status. You should not assume that “old age” is causing these problems. Do they call you by name? Are they speaking normally? Are they staying involved in outside activities?

Smell – Using your nose as an indicator to determine if your loved one is bathing properly, cleaning their house or have spoiled food in their kitchen.

To continue reading about Taste, Touch and more information about how to assess need to for in-home care, click HERE. To contact Comfort Keepers in-home care serving Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia and Delaware County PA communities, click HERE.

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