Silver Linings Playbook: Senior Citizen In-home care Philadelphia Upper Darby King of Prussia Chester Heights PA

Silver Linings Playbook, the movie is nominated for an Oscar this year but the name Silver Linings Playbook can have many different meanings. What if the name referred to older adults, aging and caregiving?

You see as individuals age they can often fall prey to illness such as pneumonia, breathing illness such as COPD or heart problems that can turn into Congetive Heart Failure. These illnesses are long term and require medications, doctor visits and oversight usually by a family member or professional caregiver. Family members providing caregiving often have to miss work to take an aging loved one to the doctor, are worried about the outcome of medical tests and sometimes don’t feel physically well themselves from the stress of caregiving.

Is there a Silver Lining in this for the patient or caregiver? There could be and it can take the form of the support, resources and professional help. Adding a couple of hours a week of help from a professional caregiver to run the vacuum cleaner, make a meal, do the laundry and take mom or dad to a blood draw appointment or doctor appointment can make a huge difference in the life of the patient and caregiver.

And this is where the playbook comes in. Do you have a playbook for your aging loved one? Have you considered what their needs may be as they age and require someone to drive them to doctor appointments or help around the home? Have you talked with your loved one about finances, have they consulted an elder care attorney? Do you know their wishes if they are unable to make decisions regarding their healthcare? If not, you need to start a playbook, a plan.

To begin to think about Silver Linings Playbook for your loved one, go to Comfort Keepers website and start your journey of learning about help in the home, the costs, the resources available to you. If you live in the Philadelphia area or surrounding suburbs, click HERE. For other areas of the U.S. click HERE.

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