Alcohol Consumption Drinking Liquor Beer Senior Citizens Philadelphia Montgomery Chester Delaware County PA

For many of us, drinking alcohol is a tradition. Alcohol is a widely accepted part of our culture and is often a part of our social activities from having a drink before dinner, celebrating with a champagne toast at weddings, having a beer with a hot dog at a baseball game, even to using wine in some religious services. But as we age, drinking alcohol can be more problematic than pleasurable for many reasons that we might not readily even recognize.

Many people think that a little drinking can be good for you. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted in 2010 found that nearly 40% of adults age 65 and over drink alcohol moderately. In fact, some recent studies indicate that light to moderate drinkers – men who have one or two drinks and women who drink one half to one drink daily — are less likely to develop or die of heart disease than people who drink more than that or not at all. While it’s not clear that moderate drinkers actually enjoy better health, and it is certainly not recommended that nondrinkers start drinking to improve their heart health, caregivers of older adults need to be aware of the potential risks that drinking alcohol poses to senior health and wellbeing. to continue reading this article, click on this link: http://www.comfortkeepers.com/information-center/news-and-highlights/DrinkingAlcoholAsWeAge

For more information on senior in-home care services in the United States, please click HERE. To find help in home for elderly loved one in the Philadelphia area and suburb counties of Montgomery, Chester and Delaware County PA, click HERE.

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