Elderly falls, need help to get phone in an emergency, medic alert king of prussia pa, montgomery county pa

How many times have we heard the story of an aging neighbor or family member who has fallen and laid on the floor for several hours until help arrived?

This can turn into very dangerous situation for the person and can worsen any injury or medical condition that occurs at time of the fall. So many aging loved ones are resistant to a button that calls for help because they don’t understand how it works. Often they say I don’t want that machine it calls the ambulance.

The machine does not call an ambulance. The live responder who answers the person who has fallen can call an ambulance if needed. The responder can also call a loved one or neighbor to go over and help the person who has fallen. If the button is accidentally set off, the responder says have a great day.

Most of the machines today operate off landlines and are connected right into the client’s phone. The cost is usually about a dollar day or more. There is usuallly no contract and billing is month to month.

Often families think of the medic alert system as a permanent fixture in the home. It can be or it can be used for couple months until the person recovers and no longer needs it. For more information about it, go to  http://www.comfortkeepers.com/office-326/technology-solutions/safetychoice-products

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