Eating well as you age: Senior Care Springfield PA Malvern Eagleville Abington Horsham Wayne PA

ck pic eyecareWe are all used to hearing the basics about maintaining a good diet: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, stay away from foods that contain too much saturated fat and/or salt, and eat whole grains whenever possible. But as we age, our nutrition requirements change. If senior adults want to continue the good eating habits they’ve already established, making some dietary adjustments can help them stay as healthy as possible as they reach 50-60 years of age and beyond.

What are some basic adjustments seniors can make to their diets?

Although an emphasis on the four major good groups—fruits and vegetables, starches, milk and dairy choices and varied protein sources—is still a good practice for seniors, they should consider making moderations to this basic food plan.

Fiber is more important as we age. This is especially important for seniors as irregularity is often a problem for them, which is exacerbated caused by taking certain medications and also not drinking enough water. Consult your physician about how much fiber you need given your current health. And always make sure you drink plenty of fluids, or adding more fiber could make constipation worse. In addition to helping with regularity, fiber might help protect you against heart disease.

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