Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to Seniors and their families everywhere

CK 2013 holiday picOn behalf of our team at Comfort Keepers serving communities in Montgomery County PA, Chester County PA, Philadelphia PA and Delaware County PA, we will everyone everywhere a very happy and safe Holiday Season.

Please keep in mind the holidays can be difficult for senior citizens who are physically compromised or experiencing early to mid memory impairment.

Too many decorations to maneuver around with walk or wheelchair as well as large groups of people can make it difficult to walk around or accomplish tasks such as using the rest room in a family members home.

For individuals with early to mid memory impairment the  noise and stimulation can often be overwhelming and too many family members talking to them about different subjects that although seem easy and simple to us may be very overwhelming and complicated for them. A memory impaired person may become easily agitated and act out by getting angry at what you perceive as nothing or the person may ask to leave early, go home or want to go to his or her room. If this occurs it is best to comply with request to take the person home or if that is not an option try to remove the person to a quiet area like a bedroom and let him or her have some quiet time away from all the noise and stimulation. If the weather is nice and the person is physically able have a family member take the person outside for short walk away from everyone.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday. For more information, go to http://www.comfortkeepers.com/office-326

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