In-home senior care Media Springfield PA help for elderly King of Prussia Eagleville Horsham PA

media_32_4_56If you visited an aging loved one over the holiday that you have not seen recently, you may have observed changes in the senior’s physical or cognitive functioning.

Was your older adult unsteady on his or her feet? Did you notice clothing was loose indicating weight loss? When asking him or her questions about current events did he or  she become easily agitated or want to change the subject?

If so, your senior may be in need of little help at home. If you have a chance to visit the person’s home or you can speak to someone like a neighbor or old friend who often stops by, phone him or her and share what you observed at the holiday and that you are little concerned.

Ask him or her questions about your loved one such as When you visit X does he or she offer to make you a drink or something to eat? When is last time you saw my loved one eat? Would you feel comfortable looking in the sink for dirty plate or trash can for empty container and checking to see if my loved one is eating and letting me know?

Many senior care in-home service companies such as Comfort Keepers offer tips for what to look for when you are concerned about  a loved one. For more information click HERE.  If you are looking for services in communities in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester or Philadelphia County PA, click HERE. To reach Comfort Keepers serving the above communities, please call 510-543-6300. If you live in another part of United States, please go to www.comfortkeepers.com.

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