Seniors who refuse to shower bathe take a bath, personal hygiene poor in elderly media springfield king of prussia pa

ck pic comb hairIf you have a senior who won’t shower or bathe you are not alone. Seniors, especially those with memory impairment often refuse to shower and change clothes. Some suffer from incontinence often making the situation worse. To read more about poor personal hygiene in seniors and reasons for refusing to shower, click HERE.

One suggestion is to bring in an outside professional aide like Comfort Keepers offers to  perform personal care services with your loved one. Often the senior refusing to shower will comply with the “nurse” or authority figure they perceive the Comfort Keepers aide to be. The senior thinks the person is coming into the home to perform the service of bathing so often the older adult will comply with the direction from the outside person quicker than a family member.

For more information on in-home senior care in the United States, click HERE. If you live in the Philadelphia PA area or surrounding suburbs including Delaware County, Montgomery or Chester County PA, click HERE.

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