Forgets to take medication will med dispenser help my senior aging loved one? Media Springfield Chester Heights Darby PA

A frequently asked question adult children have for Comfort Keepers serving communities in Montgomery, Chester, Delaware County PA and Philadelphia is will a medication dispensing machine help my aging loved one?

In order to answer that question we have to ask the adult child a question…what is the reason you feel your loved one needs his or her medication dispensed out of a machine?

Commonly we hear the following answers:
My mother forgets to take it. Her pills are in pill boxes and she doesn’t remember to take it. Can the dispenser help with this?

The answer is yes and no…If you mother is alert and oriented and is forgetting to take it because it is newer medication or odd one say one pill at noon then yes the med dispenser may serve the purpose. If your loved one is in the beginning stage of dementia and gets confused by pill boxes that have seven doses yes it may help but if your mother is given the pills in a cup be it by the machine or a person will she put the cup up to her mouth and take the pills?

The answer to the question is a question: will your loved one put those medications in his or her mouth? If the person gets the cup from the dispenser gets distracted and lays the cup down that will not fill your needs.

Like most concerns family have we say let’s talk it out…what do you really need and then we can help you find a solution. For more information call 610-543-6300 or go to http://www.springfield-326.comfortkeepers.com

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