Memorial Day: Let us remember always the sacrifices

As Memorial Day approaches, let us always remember the sacrifices our veterans and active duty personnel made as well as their families.

Memorial Day tends to be a day we think of those veterans who have passed and we should. Sometimes we forget the families of the veterans past and present. The siblings of those who lost loved ones in World War II. Most World War II Veterans are over 75 so it possible that there are few mothers grieving but mostly siblings who remember a brother or sister. We sometimes forget that women served in World War II.

Then the families of those lost in the other battles and wars. How many mothers and fathers grieve for their sons or daughters lost in military service. The siblings thinking about what life would be like if that brother or sister was there at the picnic on Memorial Day.

And those that are injured. Many of these soldiers were injured in battle or event where their fellow soldiers were killed. Let us remember them as well and express compassion for what might be a difficult day.

Memorial Day will be here soon. Thank a veteran and his or her family.

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