Senior In-home Care for Veterans: Benefits for those who served and widows

media_32_4_175Have a veteran or widow of veteran in your life who is in need of in-home senior care? There might be benefits for those who qualify. The benefit is referred to as Special Pension Benefit and is part of the benefits the Veteran Administration offers.

The Veterans Administration sets forth detailed criteria that must be met and there are 12 pages that have to completed to apply for benefit so we suggest you contact us before you start the process of applying.

The basic criteria is: The Veteran and/or widow must be age 65 or over. The widow must still be married to the vet and cannot have re-married or divorced. The person must require assistance with personal care task such as showering and assistance to bathroom. The person must be incapable of taking care of him or herself due to cognitive or physical illness. Financial need must be determined as well.

For more information on criteria, please go our webpage that explains the benefit further. http://springfield-326.comfortkeepers.com/home/care-services/aging-veterans-benefit-special-pension-aid-and-att or click HERE

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