Dementia: When should I start care in the home for senior? Plymouth Meeting Chester Heights Bryn Mawr Abington PA

Suspect your loved one has dementia? Is your senior forgetful, losing weight due to thinking he or she ate already? If you are reading this post you probably have answered your own question.

When should I start care in the home for senior with dementia? If you suspect your loved one is forgetting to eat, shower, change clothes, clean the house regularly, it’s probably time to start home care.

Most home care agencies have a minimum hour visit but not a frequency requirement. This means that if you have a loved one in early dementia who might be resistant you can start a home care agency as the “housekeeper” and as the senior declines and needs more help the home care is in place and your senior is used to it.

Most agencies will require a 2-3 hour visit minimum sometimes more but there is usually not frequency. This means you could schedule the “housekeeper” one time a week. This person could act as your eyes and ears for things around the house that are not getting done.

For example if you are a son and its your mother who is beginning to forget you might not think or want to look in the laundry basket to see if she is changing clothes or if under clothes are wet. This might indicate incontinence issues that the senior never experienced before but is having now and is too ashamed to tell anyone.

A caregiver changing the sheets or doing the laundry would spot wet sheets and would communicate that to you. If you are asking if it is time to start home care it probably is. For more information on Comfort Keepers, go to www. Springfield-326.ComfortKeepers.com. or click HERE.

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