Baby, it’s hot outside…or is it cold?

There’s a song that goes baby, it’s cold out there but that is not the case here. Here it is hot outside! Already in June we have had several 90 degree days. Weather we are not necessarily ready for or expecting. We usually see these temperatures more in July and August.

Please remember to keep yourself covered if you go out. The sun can be very strong and make sure you take some water with you. Everyone regardless of age needs to keep hydrated.

If you are a caregiver please remember never leave an older person in the car if the weather is hot. Even though seniors like the heat and express how comfortable the heat in the car may feel please do not leave a senior in the car when the weather is too hot. Treat senior the same way you would your child or dog.

Keep in mind some seniors cannot regulate or tell temperature so they may say they are comfortable in the heat but being in a hot car can be very uncomfortable and dangerous.

Stay cool!

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