Caregiver Stress: why do I feel so tired all the time?

Caregivers often don’t realize the emotional toll helping someone takes on them. For caregivers who live with a loved one who needs help the stress is sometime more recognizable for the caregiver or others than the caregiver who does not live in the home.

Sometimes caregivers who do not live in the home are as emotionally drained and stressed as the caregiver who lives with the person he or she is taking care of. Often caregivers outside of the home think well at least I get a break from my loved one but do you really?

Often caregivers who live outside of the home feel more stress because he or she is not there watching the loved one, knowing what the loved is doing or is assured the loved is okay because he or she is in the other room.

Outside caregivers or those that don’t live in home are often working or involved with activities or people at their own home and thus tend to be more stressed than those living with someone.

Now this blog is not saying the outside caregiver is more stressed or tired than the caregiver who lives with his or her loved one. What it is saying is stress is stress no matter where you live all caregivers feel an enormous amount of stress which can show itself as anxiety, worry, pre-occupied thoughts and even physical illness. All these symptoms can result in either caregiver feeling tired. Tired all the time.

Caregivers need to figure out a way to manage their stress. For more information on managing stress, please go to http://www.comfortkeepers.com/Assets/holidays/ComfortKeepersHolidayfromStresstoSuccess.pdf

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