Winter Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Winter Tips For Seniors and Caregivers

Comfort Keepers offers some great articles on topics for seniors and their caregivers on winter and its impact on an older loved one’s life.

Safe Snow Removal for Seniors http://www.comfortkeepers.com/home/info-center/articles/ThinkBeforeYouShovel?group=0

Staying Warm in the Warmhttp://www.comfortkeepers.com/home/info-center/articles/home-care-in-winter-staying-warm?group=0

Help Seniors Winterize the Home http://www.comfortkeepers.com/home/info-center/articles/winterize-homes?group=0

Cold Weather Falls are Preventablehttp://www.comfortkeepers.com/home/info-center/articles/PreventingFallsinColdWeather?group=0

Senior Safety During the Winterhttp://www.comfortkeepers.com/home/info-center/articles/winter-safety?group=0

Avoiding Seasnonal Illness  –  http://www.comfortkeepers.com/home/info-center/articles/AvoidingSeasonalIllness?group=0

Why am I so cold all the time?http://www.comfortkeepers.com/home/info-center/articles/why-am-i-cold?group=0

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