Seniors After Hospital Stay Need Help at Home: Springfield King of Prussia Wayne Darby PA

Do you have an aging loved one who was recently hospitalized and may need additional care at home? At time of discharge the hospital staff may share with you options for home care but between all the information about what you need to take care of your condition/illness, when you are leaving, how to get out of the hospital, getting home, etc the home care information can sometimes get confusing and postponed.

Once home a couple days you realize the aging loved one’s condition is worse than what you thought, time escaped you and now you need more help. Know you are not alone. This is a common experience for seniors and their caregivers.k

Most hospital discharge planners will order “medical” home care. A nurse and/or aide that will come into the home and assist with medications and bathing for about 4-6 weeks, sometimes less, sometimes more. Usually health insurance pays for that or some portion of it.

Your loved one might need help at meal time or getting into bed and that is not covered by your health insurance. These services provided by a company like Comfort Keepers are considered non-medical and traditionally not paid for by insurance. If you would like further information on services, how to pay, etc, please click HERE.

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