Summer is coming to a close – Back to School Teachers Worried about Seniors Getting to Doctor

During the summer teachers are able to provide caregiving services to their aging loved ones but what happens when the teacher has to go back to school?

How will mom or dad get to doctor? Who will prepare meals at lunch for him, her or them? Comfort Keepers can provide such a service and can be there when you need us.

Most school teachers hire us from 10 or 11am to about 1 or 2pm. This allows for mom or dad to get up late while having someone come in and help him or her out of shower, change clothes, get something eat, remind meds and then leave. The teacher is usually out of school and home by 4 or 5pm so this allows for only short periods of time that mom or dad are left alone.

This set up not only allows mom or dad to continue to remain feeling independent but it also prevents the teacher from worrying about what is happening at home while he or she is at work.

For more information on Comfort Keepers, please go to www.comfortkeepers.com

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