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Comfort Keepers offers few hours in-home care to live in Media King of Prussia

The Comfort Keepers in Springfield and King of Prussia, PA offer from a few hours per visit to live in care when needed.

Many agencies have visit frequency requirements or weekly requirements to provide care. Comfort Keepers only has a 2 hour visit requirement. There is no frequency per week or month requirement.

Many families ask about LIve in services when what they need is 24 hour care. What is difference? Caregivers who perform live in care must be able to sleep at night and have some personal time during the day.

If you have a loved one who is waking every hour or every 2 and needs to restroom at night please do not hire the traditional 7 day a week live in and expect that care will go smoothly.

First all employers must be compliant with labor laws. Second no individual caregiver or family member should be expected to live with another person 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This applies to all cases but should definitely be considered when asking live in to take care of dementia patient.

Many families try to hire a live in to work 7 days for consistency but usually what happens is the live in quits after the first week or two. Caregivers find they have no personal time to make a call, pay a bill an dif he or she has a family there is much stress laid on caregiver who cannot go to their family to celebrate birthday, holiday or even daily life events.

If you would like to discuss live in versus 24 hour care please give our office a call at 610-543-6300



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