Mom or Dad refusing help in the home? Media, Broomall

Have an aging parent who you know needs help but is refusing? Are you arguing with him or her? Debating over who is right? Let Comfort Keepers offer you this advice…stop.

Stop arguing and debating with your aging parent. This will get you no where. Don’t believe this? Think about it. Every time you bring up the subject of having someone come in to clean, to run errands, to make meals turns int a non-stop argument going around and around with no outcome other than frustration.

Sometimes it is better to talk it out with a professional who might be able to help you find a way to either compromise on situation or find a solution that fits both your needs.

Call Comfort Keepers in Springfied, PA today and ask for Erin our Intake Coordinator. She can help you or set a time for you to either speak on the phone with one of our care coordinators or come in in person and meet with one of us. Let us be your senior care consultants and solutions in Delaware County, PA. 610-543-6300

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